• The people's number participants to the excursions it will be considered, to the goals of the rate, always and however that agreement during the booking.
  • It's equestrian guide's faculty, as responsable, determine the number of underage to accompany.
  • The fitness to the walks is valued by guide's unquestionable judgment.
  • The equestrian guide has the right not to accompany on a trip those who by guide's unquestionable judgment, are not provided the equipment needed to cope with the planned itinerary.
  • Whenever the weather conditions or safety not be favorable, the equestrian guide has the unquestionable right to amend, postpone or cancel the tour at any time.
  • The guide's costs for room and board when the trekking are most days, have a full load of clients


Description IndividualIn groupWith your horse
Children tour by the rope5.00 €--
Children lesson (25 minutes)20.00 €15.00 €-
Adult lesson (50 minutes)30.00 €20.00 €15.00 €
One hour ride35.00 €25.00 €10.00 € *
Two hours ride60.00 €40.00 €15.00 € *
Half-day ride75.00 €50.00 €25.00 € *
Ride a day (min. 2 pax)-85.00 €30.00 € *
Guide for half-day--75.00 €
Guide for a day--130.00 €
Daily horse board box and hay15.00 €--
Daily horse board paddock and hay10.00 €--
Monthly horse board box and hay250.00 € ***  
Monthly horse board paddock and hay160.00 €  

  • * Intended in group with other person
  • ** Price for group from 2 to 10 persons
  • *** Cleaning and litter to be agreed
  • If particularly interested to play in riding intensive activities, Special packages are expected to agree on the spot
  • VAT prices excluded